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Automatic Gates Sachse

We specialize in automatic gates. Our family-owned business has been helping Sachse, TX residents safeguard their properties for several years now. These gates protect your property from unauthorized access while not intruding upon its ambiance. Our clientele is our first priority and therefore, we offer only quality products and excellent after-sale service.
All our gates are crafted by skilled workers. These are meticulously fabricated to ensure that all parts of the gate work perfectly when the gate is installed. We offer swing gates as well as slide gates in a variety of materials including wrought iron, galvanized steel and cedar wood. All gates can be made in a number of designs to match the aesthetic sensibilities of the property where they are to be installed.

Warranties and Customer Service

What distinguishes our Dallas gate company from other gate manufacturers in the city is that fact that we resolutely stand behind every product we sell. Each gate is backed by a credible warranty. We provide consultancy to our customers to ascertain the best automatic gates for their property. Interested parties may call our customer representatives to receive a quote or to have any questions regarding our products answered.

BBB-certified Business

Robitzsch Fence has been certified by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for providing credible services in automatic gates. BBB is a government organization that objectively rates commercial practices. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has consistently helped us enjoy BBB’s unbiased support.

We are the leading providers of quality swing gates and slide gates in the Sachse area. We take pride in our work and your property is safe with our range of gates. Email or call us today to receive a quote or suggestions installing automatic gates on your property. We respond promptly and work with you to determine the best automatic gates within your budget.